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My Life Happens

Hey, y’all, I’m Sara. Yes, I said y’all. I’m allowed to because I am from the beautiful state of Alabama. Actually, perhaps the ‘boiling’ state of Alabama would be better right now because it is SO FREAKING HOT. Sorry, but it is. And the air conditioner in my car, my beautiful car, is broken. So, windows down for at least another week till we can get it fixed.

My life is pretty simple. I’m in band; I play the clarinet. During football season, that mostly consumes my life. The rest of the time, I’m known as one of the smarter kids in my grade. I’ll be super busy with school work this year, but I can get through. Books and friends are the other two aspects of my life. I read anything I can get my hands on and always have. When I was little, my dad would read books to me and my brother and the first book I remember is the Great Illustrated Classic of Moby-Dick.

Friends are different than books though. They have other plans and can occasionally spill drinks on you. Madalyn is one of my best friends. She’s in my phone as ‘Secret Agent’, but that’s a story for another time.

Oh, and I’m an optimist. Very muchly so. Well, I don’t always see the best in people, but in every situation. It can only get so bad, then it’s got to at least level out. Luckily, I’ve never been down quite that far yet in life. But I’ll be okay.

And finally, I’m left-handed.

Farewell for now, Sara


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Blogging and Other Aspects of Life

Hullo there, everyone! This is my first blog post! I’ve never blogged before, so this is quite exciting.

Let me start by getting out some general information about myself. I’m from Alabama (yay for Southern Pride!). I’m in high school still. I’m in show choir, flag corps, and a bunch of other stuff. Superfun, right? I love to read, and I also LOVE to write! Sara doesn’t, but that’s alright. I’m actually working on stuff now! Yay! One is a fanfiction (I am SUCH a nerd…) and the other is actually something remotely legit! Aren’t I so interesting?

This is my high school… Lol, totally not. I may live in Alabama, but we’re not all a bunch of ignorant hillbillies. Actually, that term is terribly inaccurate. Only the northernmost counties in Alabama even have¬†hills. Know your geography before you invent in insult, I always say!

Anyway, that’s pretty basic stuff about me. I’ll tell you more later, whether anyone wants it on the Internet or not. This is blogging. No one can stop me!

You’ll be hearing more from me,


P.S.- The South has beaches that are actually pretty! Take that!

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