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I am a passionate, dedicated and creative public relations student. My goal is to work in a creative field that will leave a lasting impression on the world.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

So, who in the world isn’t going to see this movie?

I saw the midnight showing last night at 12:01 (cause I’m a cool kid) and it was AMAZING! I had a phenomenal time with some friends, and the movie was totally worth the 11 hours we waited at the theatre. It didn’t follow the book after the escape from Gringotts, but I was alright with it. The way they made it was totally amazing. It was shockingly funny, actually, and also included the most awkward hug in cinematic history.

It’s a bit bitter-sweet, though, because the end of Harry Potter is like saying goodbye to my childhood. I grew up with Harry, and he with me. I cried a little to say goodbye to all that, but I know that Harry Potter has made me into a person I may not have been without it, and as long as I keep his memory alive, he’ll never really be gone. Harry will always live in the hearts of everyone his story has touched.

Also, listen to the band Ministry of Magic! They are AWESOME!


I loved how the final battle between Harry and Voldemort took place throughout the castle, instead of just bam, bam, dead. I cried so much, though! I didn’t think I’d cry when Snape died, but I just kinda did. Then, in his memories, when he was hugging Lily’s dead body I just lost it. I was sobbing in a sold-out movie theatre, and I didn’t even care. Then, I just kind of consistently cried until the end. We all erupted into applause when Ms. Weasley killed Bellatrix, as the situation deserved.

So much more to say, but to say all I desire would take far too long. Go see it, you’ll understand.

Till next post,


Long live Harry Potter!


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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Places Without Mutant Squirrels

I return to BLA! I know you all missed me so much. I was gone at camp for two weeks! JH Ranch in Northern California, to be exact.

Let me tell you a few things about JH Ranch:

1) It is absolutely beautiful.

2) You have to climb almost vertical mountains with a 60 pound backpack.

I think that’s a long enough list! Let’s get a picture of the gorgeous scenery…

Big Top at JH Ranch, California

Now isn’t that just lovely? It really did look like that! It was sooooo beautiful. I had a great time, don’t get me wrong, but let me tell you something about Northern California. At least, where we were. We were about 3,800 feet in the air. Know what that means? Thin air. Know what that means for us unfit people? Huffin’ and puffin’. A lot. To get anywhere at JH Ranch that isn’t another camper cabin, you have to go uphill, at least a little. To get to meals, it’s a very big hill. That is also very steep.

Once again, don’t get me wrong. I did have fun. Lots of fun. One thing though, we had to go backpacking into the mountains. A mountain that was about 8,000 feet high. Even thinner air. It was fun, looking back on it, but during the actual backpacking it was quite hard. I am not a fit person. Also, as my title suggests, the squirrels were HUGE! And there were bears! And mountain lions! And we were camping with them! I was so scared I was going to get eaten…

Well, that’s where I’ve been for the past two weeks! Look it up, because it’s soooo much fun! Like I said!

Till next post,


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This book is a usual girl-power book by Tamora Pierce, but I loved it! My favorite series is the Wild Magic Series, but this one is very excellent as well (they all are, I mean, it’s Tamora Pierce). It is the first series, chronologically, but if you read the Alanna books (Song of the Lioness, technically) first, some stuff is ironically funny. (Like, you find out the origin of the Court of the Rouge name and such). I loved it! Yay!

“Sixteen-year-old Beka Cooper lives far removed from knights, palaces, and the nobility. Her world revolves around thieves, beggars, taverns, and the lowest of the low. She’s a trainee for the Provost’s Guard (Dogs, as they’re called, which makes Beka a Puppy); a rookie cop assigned to police the city’s worst slum.

Beka has always wanted to be a Dog, but she has one problem – she’s shy. Painfully shy. Not the best way to make a first impression or command the respect of the public. But she also has talent, and a strange kind of magic that allows her to hear the voices of the dead – and they have plenty to say. Soon she hears whispers of two vicious sets of crimes and Puppy or no, once Beka gets a case in her teeth, she doesn’t let go.”

This book is in the form of Beka’s diary, and the first entry is her first day in training. Since the guards are “Dogs,” all the trainees are called “Puppies.” I think it’s cute. She’s paired with Clara “Clary” Goodwin, and Matthis “Mattes” Tunstall. Neither of them really want a Puppy, but they take her and go. Her education in the process of keeping the peace is really fun to read, even going back several times to read it again. Sometimes the whole diary thing doesn’t go well, but this is really good and easy to read. I love the first person, and since it’s a diary, we hear everything about Beka’s day like we were there with her.

Beka’s siblings are all trying to rise up in the world, and they all look down on her for choosing to become a Dog. Kind of sad, actually. Who protects them when their on the streets? Certainly not stablehands, messengers, maids, or seamstresses, that’s for sure. Her family doing that to her ALMOST made me cry. I have siblings, and I can’t image all of them looking at me like I was dirt like that! The way the whole story just works together is really good. I thought there might be some boring parts in the middle, because how interesting can a Puppy’s life be, even with murders? It was so good, though! There was a wonderful mix of training, murder solving, friend having, and the barest (and I mean barest) dash of romance. Excellent!

Now, I love feminist empowerment books, so this was great! Beka is George’s (from the Song of the Lioness series) ancestor from 200 years ago. Kind of funny how Beka, a very loyal Provost Dog, would end up eventually begetting an excellent thief and the country’s spymaster… Anyway! Beka is an amazing character, and I love her sooooooo much! But you know how all characters have to have flaws of they’re just annoying? Beka’s only flaw (that I thought worth noting) was kind of obviously her flaw. Shyness, obviously, you can tell by the synopsis. That’s my one beef.

In the book, Beka is only vain about one thing: her gorgeous, long, red hair. I love that, because I’m also kind of vain about my hair. I used to wish it was red, and then I realized how stupid I would look with red hair (I’m too tan for it).

On to my favorite part of books: romance! This novel is SORELY lacking in romance, though there is some. Rosto, a skilled rouge from Scanra, comes down to take over the Court of the Rouge! The current king is old and not doing his job and he’s a jerk! Rosto is tall, muscular, pale (he IS from Scanra), has beautiful dark eyes, and white blond hair. Gorgeous, right? Well, Beka can’t get over the fact that he’s a criminal. Yes, that would indeed interfere with her work, but to sacrifice love for your job? I think not! Then again, she does love the Lord Provost, so I guess it’s kinda the same thing… (Loves him in a way that a child loves her father, by the way. Nothing funny.)

Still, Rosto is my favorite character besides Pounce! (Pounce is a black, purple eyed cat that befriends Beka in her childhood and follows her everywhere. And she can speak telepathically. Can we say goddess-possessed cat? Song of the Lioness anyone?) He’s funny, and the Love Interest, so of course I love him! Any author worth her salt can make me fall in love with their male lead. (I’m kind of a Hopeless Romantic. We need an Anonymous club for us…) Anyway! Beka is great and all, but she is kind of annoying sometimes about Rosto and Pounce.

End really didn’t have a Gasp Factor. A 0/10. Maybe a 1/10 because of a certain event I will not disclose. It really ended, though there was room open for another book. Which did happen, by the way! Bloodhound came out in 2009, and the third book (supposedly the last one), Mastiff, comes out this year! Yay! More Rosto, please!

Page Count: 592 (Long, but interesting all the way through.)

Until next time,


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Blogging and Other Aspects of Life

Hullo there, everyone! This is my first blog post! I’ve never blogged before, so this is quite exciting.

Let me start by getting out some general information about myself. I’m from Alabama (yay for Southern Pride!). I’m in high school still. I’m in show choir, flag corps, and a bunch of other stuff. Superfun, right? I love to read, and I also LOVE to write! Sara doesn’t, but that’s alright. I’m actually working on stuff now! Yay! One is a fanfiction (I am SUCH a nerd…) and the other is actually something remotely legit! Aren’t I so interesting?

This is my high school… Lol, totally not. I may live in Alabama, but we’re not all a bunch of ignorant hillbillies. Actually, that term is terribly inaccurate. Only the northernmost counties in Alabama even have hills. Know your geography before you invent in insult, I always say!

Anyway, that’s pretty basic stuff about me. I’ll tell you more later, whether anyone wants it on the Internet or not. This is blogging. No one can stop me!

You’ll be hearing more from me,


P.S.- The South has beaches that are actually pretty! Take that!

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Abandon by Meg Cabot was an excellent book! I loved it so much! I sing my praises to Meg Cabot! She has written so many books, and all of the ones I’ve read have been phenomenal. (I’ll do her 1-800-Where-Are-You and Mediator series’ eventually…)

In Abandon, best-selling author Meg Cabot offers up a darkly romantic modern retelling that is almost straight out of Greek mythology. Pierce Oliviera died when she was 15, but she fought her way out of a dreary Underworld ruled by a seductively handsome older boy named John. Nobody believed Pierce when she told them what she had seen, and everyone–including her parents–thought she needed therapy.

Now in the small town of Isla Huesos, Pierce and her mother are getting a fresh new start. Making friends with her classmates proves difficult for Pierce because of her family name and the rumors about Pierce that followed her to the island. And although it has been two years since she last saw John, he keeps appearing before her. Afraid that he wants to take her back with him to the Underworld, Pierce tries to deny herself of the one thing she wants most: his love.

That was the synopsis! I adored this book! My favorite character is the main character. Pierce is smart, clever, and spunky, but she’s so real. It felt like I could walk down the street and maybe meet a normal girl like her. I picked up this book at random because the story sounded interesting (a sort of re-telling of Persephone?) and the cover was really pretty (the picture I have is good, but get it and follow the bumblebee flying dots around the book! It’s so cool!)

I’m not going to SPOIL anything for you, but I will say a few things. John is an awesome LI (Love Interest. Oh yeah, I have lingo), and Pierce is just the girl to balance him out. When she feels like he’s being too overprotective, she will absolutely tell him everything he’s doing wrong and how to fix it (which she does. Quite emphatically. All I’m saying!). When she feels like he’s being unreasonable, she goes right on and tells him. One thing I love about Pierce: she WILL speak her mind, and be wary to those who try and keep her from doing so!

Gasp Rating (on the ending): 7/10 (then again, ask my friends and they’ll tell you I say all movies are “the best movie ever”… Which may be true, but I like a lot of movies!)

I will definitely be keeping my stalker radar on Meg Cabot for the next book in this awesome trilogy!

Hardcover: 320 pages

Go to for more info!

Until next review,


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