About Us

I’m Sara and that’s Madalyn. *wave* We’re friends, we’re in school still, and we like to read. Madalyn also writes, but that’s her own deal. A while back I decided to start a blog about books that I read, since I read a lot. Madalyn liked the idea, but it took a while for us to get around to getting together to work on it. Now we have. I read absolutely everything, so expect randomness in my book selections. I’m bookwormz4, so those posts are mine. Also, anything under Sara’s life is mine, because I’m Sara. My life is mostly school and band, so if anything happens interestingly or if I find coolio stuff on the internet, I’ll share it.

Hullo, faithful readers (or not…). My username is superawesomeninjapants, so anything under that is me. It’s weird, because I prefer pirates, but ninja didn’t start with a P, so I used it instead. (Sara was confused by this. It totally makes sense to me.) Anyway, she wanted me to do this with her because I love books too, and we’re girls. Doing stuff alone is boring. So, I’ll mostly be talking about my riveting life. Actually, it’s boring, at least to me. I’m still in school, so doing something interesting will have to wait until college. (Partay!) You’ll get to hear all about my life anyway, when I’m not reviewing YA novels (my personal favorite).

So, we now invite you to delve into the deep, dark, horrifying recesses of two teenage female’s minds…



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