Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

So, who in the world isn’t going to see this movie?

I saw the midnight showing last night at 12:01 (cause I’m a cool kid) and it was AMAZING! I had a phenomenal time with some friends, and the movie was totally worth the 11 hours we waited at the theatre. It didn’t follow the book after the escape from Gringotts, but I was alright with it. The way they made it was totally amazing. It was shockingly funny, actually, and also included the most awkward hug in cinematic history.

It’s a bit bitter-sweet, though, because the end of Harry Potter is like saying goodbye to my childhood. I grew up with Harry, and he with me. I cried a little to say goodbye to all that, but I know that Harry Potter has made me into a person I may not have been without it, and as long as I keep his memory alive, he’ll never really be gone. Harry will always live in the hearts of everyone his story has touched.

Also, listen to the band Ministry of Magic! They are AWESOME!


I loved how the final battle between Harry and Voldemort took place throughout the castle, instead of just bam, bam, dead. I cried so much, though! I didn’t think I’d cry when Snape died, but I just kinda did. Then, in his memories, when he was hugging Lily’s dead body I just lost it. I was sobbing in a sold-out movie theatre, and I didn’t even care. Then, I just kind of consistently cried until the end. We all erupted into applause when Ms. Weasley killed Bellatrix, as the situation deserved.

So much more to say, but to say all I desire would take far too long. Go see it, you’ll understand.

Till next post,


Long live Harry Potter!


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