Abandon by Meg Cabot was an excellent book! I loved it so much! I sing my praises to Meg Cabot! She has written so many books, and all of the ones I’ve read have been phenomenal. (I’ll do her 1-800-Where-Are-You and Mediator series’ eventually…)

In Abandon, best-selling author Meg Cabot offers up a darkly romantic modern retelling that is almost straight out of Greek mythology. Pierce Oliviera died when she was 15, but she fought her way out of a dreary Underworld ruled by a seductively handsome older boy named John. Nobody believed Pierce when she told them what she had seen, and everyone–including her parents–thought she needed therapy.

Now in the small town of Isla Huesos, Pierce and her mother are getting a fresh new start. Making friends with her classmates proves difficult for Pierce because of her family name and the rumors about Pierce that followed her to the island. And although it has been two years since she last saw John, he keeps appearing before her. Afraid that he wants to take her back with him to the Underworld, Pierce tries to deny herself of the one thing she wants most: his love.

That was the synopsis! I adored this book! My favorite character is the main character. Pierce is smart, clever, and spunky, but she’s so real. It felt like I could walk down the street and maybe meet a normal girl like her. I picked up this book at random because the story sounded interesting (a sort of re-telling of Persephone?) and the cover was really pretty (the picture I have is good, but get it and follow the bumblebee flying dots around the book! It’s so cool!)

I’m not going to SPOIL anything for you, but I will say a few things. John is an awesome LI (Love Interest. Oh yeah, I have lingo), and Pierce is just the girl to balance him out. When she feels like he’s being too overprotective, she will absolutely tell him everything he’s doing wrong and how to fix it (which she does. Quite emphatically. All I’m saying!). When she feels like he’s being unreasonable, she goes right on and tells him. One thing I love about Pierce: she WILL speak her mind, and be wary to those who try and keep her from doing so!

Gasp Rating (on the ending): 7/10 (then again, ask my friends and they’ll tell you I say all movies are “the best movie ever”… Which may be true, but I like a lot of movies!)

I will definitely be keeping my stalker radar on Meg Cabot for the next book in this awesome trilogy!

Hardcover: 320 pages

Go to http://www.megcabot.com for more info!

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