How to Read Literature Like a Professor

How to Read Literature Like a Professor. No, not some essay I wrote, a book by Thomas C. Foster. In fact, I had to read it for school next year. Just because I actually finished it before the current school year ended is no reason to think anything strange. The other book I have to read is Invisible Man. Ug.

So, HTRLLAP (:D) is supposedly ‘a lively and entertaining guide to reading between the lines’, but it wasn’t that great.

(Tornadoes in Massachusetts?!)

The things I got out of this book:

  1. Archetypes exist.
  2. The author loves Beloved
  3. Everything has meaning
  4. The author REALLY loves Beloved.

The book discussed quests, eating, sex, quotes, myths, etc. But the author seems to spend most of the time explaining that everything has already been written and no story line is ever completely original. And there is a lot of literature out there, but the examples the author uses are quite limited. Mostly Beloved by Toni Morrison, I think. And Ulysses by James Joyce. He’s writing to college students, but treats the book that is well known for being confusing and dense as if it’s light and airy. I just wasn’t a fan.

314 pages.


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