Eric is Terry Pratchett’s version of Faust, which I’ve never read. I think it has something to do with making a deal with the devil, or at least is on that track. It once again involves Rincewind, the inept wizard, but this time, (since he was not currently in the human plane of existence at the end of the previous book) he has been summoned like a demon by this scrawny kid named Eric who orders him to grant three wishes. Much to Rincewind’s astonishment, snapping his fingers actually does something and he, Eric, and the Luggage end op traveling from literally the beginning of time, through the Trojan War, into a lost Amazonian civilization, and finally into Hell, in search of eternal life, the most beautiful girl in the world, and worship and riches. Hell needs and gets a makeover courtesy of Rincewind’s accidental meddling.

Conan the (aged) barbarian also features as he attempts to ‘get the girl’ and maintain his reputation. For all his age, he seems to have both of those under control. The Luggage is still my favorite character though.

In the end, and Terry Pratchett makes a special point of this, every one is happy. How nice. 197 pages.


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