I sit here writing this long hang because our power is out for 5 days. It’s 8, so not only is the dusk till dawn curfew in place as per the National Guard, but I’m writing by candlelight. I and my family went through the Alabama tornados on April 2th and are staying, unlike several people in our neighborhood that have left for Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and some unaffected parts of Alabama. Pray for Alabama. But I digress.


Maskerade by Terry Pratchett is a take off The Phantom of the Opera. The main character is Agnes Nitt, an incredibly fat girl with a skinny person named Perdita X hidden inside. She’s (sorta) in training to be a witch, but doesn’t like it so she runs away to Ankh-Morpork, the most well-known nearby big city. She gets a job at the opera house because she can sing higher and lower than the human ear can register, can throw her voice, and can sing chords. The opera house has recently been bought by a business man who has no clue how to run an opera house. He begins receiving notes from the opera ghost, often with maniacal laughter written out.

Putting it down to some pratical joke or prank, he ignores them. That’s when people start dying-more or less. Enter the other witches, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax. They want to retrieve Agnes but get caught up in the same mystery as the rest of the opera. Who is the opera ghost?! Needless to say, much hilarity ensues. But at the same time, Terry Pratchett makes a really good point about the masks we wear in our lives. Oh, why can’t we study books like this in school.

Note: I’m writing this in late May because school got crazy. I know the Joplin tornadoes and Oklahoma tornadoes happened, but Alabama still needs help. Consider donating money or blood to the American Red Cross.


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