The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic! One of the first Terry Pratchett books I ever read-because it’s one of the first that came out and that’s the order I tried to read them in.

The Light Fantastic

TLF is one of the most sequel-esque books of Discworld because it directly follows The Color of Magic and involves the same characters. The title refers to the 8th color of the rainbow (octarine) that is noted to be a disappointing purple. I always see it as purple-green.

The main character is Rincewind the wizard. Well, he’s supposed to be a wizard, but while studying, he accidentally got one of the 8 spells of the Octavo (the 8 spells that formed the world) stuck in his head, and he can’t learn anything else. At the end of TCOM, he fell of the world while serving as tour guide for the Disc’s first tourist, Twoflower. Twoflower is best described as oblivious. He doesn’t accept that human nature is anything other than kind and welcoming. Twoflower owns The Luggage. Made of sentient pear wood, the Luggage protects its master/owner and holds all his stuff. Twoflower is also oblivious to the Luggage’s violent means of protection (it eats people).

I love this book as I love all of Terry Pratchett’s books because of the humor, characters, and plot. TLF isn’t my favorite book though, because the main character is Rincewind who I personally don’t like. He’s such a coward. And I understand that cowardness is his character’s point, but I’m still not a huge fan. However, the Luggage does feature more prominently in TLF than in many other Terry Pratchett books and the Luggage is my favorite character aside from Commander Vimes. He’s so violently unobtrusive. Those are interesting adjectives to put together. 240 pages.


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