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33 Snowfish

I did not like this book. I was at the library, burning time, and my friend was browsing, pulling out books and asking if I had read them. Most, I had. This one she pulled because ‘it looked interesting’ so I checked it out and read it.

On the back, there are rave reviews (none from newspapers or websites, just people), but I don’t think that 33 Snowfish is a ‘brutal poetic caw’ or that is ‘the future of young adult literature’.

I did finish the book, because it was short (179 pages) but the language, violence, racism, and graphic sexual themes didn’t improve my view of the plot. It follows Custis, Curl, and Boobie (and Boobie’s younger brother), with Custis as the main narrator, on a journey across the Midwest away from the police.

Happy ending? Sorta. Ug.


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Another Louis L’Amour book! 182 pages.


This one was interesting. I couldn’t find the cover of the version I read, probably because it came out in 1981. Anyway, Morty Callaghen is a private in the American Army. Which is interesting, because he’s had much higher positions before in various other armies the world over. But, now that he’s in the American army, he can’t get past private because he keeps getting busted for fighting. Even though he’s a good soldier, he’s Irish, and certain of his COs don’t like that very much.

It’s always cool when what we discuss in school comes up in books and I can go, ‘I know that!’.  So: prejudice against Irishmen.

It’s been a few weeks since I read this and I don’t really remember details. I enjoyed Callaghen because he was capable and useful and effective. The girl, Medina?, was extremely…random. Diplomat’s daughter from SE Asia that Callaghen happens to already know? Okay then? I do like the soldier, forget who, that eventually gives him his papers. I wonder what he’ll do with his life?

As with all Louis L’Amour books, that’s how it is.

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