Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice by Dana Stabenow. 264 pages, but I read it on my iPhone, so it actually had like 1160 pages or something. It was first published in 1998 and is apparently out of print? That’s the way her website sounded. Either way, it’s free on iPhones and iPads and .99 cents on Amazon and B&

I don’t typically read books like this. I consider this in the category of books advertised for adults, mysteries¬† in real life, where they speak ‘tersely’ to each other. Whether ‘terse’ ever comes up in the book or not, this book fits in that category, at least in my head. So, I only read it because I recognized the author from stuff my mom reads and it was free. Who doesn’t like free.

I like the character-Liam (love that name). I liked that he had weaknesses-the fear of flying especially. He overcame it rather easily, in my opinion, but he had good reason. The action was fast paced, especially in the beginning. One complaint I have, though, is about back story. There is alot of history, both of Liam and between him and Wy that is left until late to explain. For a good part of the book I thought Liam had been demoted for being a drunk driver in an accident that killed 5 people including his wife and son. This is wrong, and I’m glad because he really didn’t seem the type.

The key clue is mentioned at the beginning, and then later, is mentioned as missing. Liam notices, but the book never specifically explains. Then, way later, Liam is snooping and finds a scarf in Wy’s drawer. He’s surprised by what is wrapped in the scarf, but goes into a flashback and never explains! Then, obviously, that piece of information turns out to be the pivotal clue that lets Liam solve the crime. And at the end, he ties it all together like he’s known what was going on the entire time. That’s frustrating. Flashes of inspiration are great and all, but when the clues are there from the beginning and the reader is not allowed to figure out the mystery on their own at all, it’s annoying. It was a good book though.

Moses, and the raven didn’t seem to fit well into the story. He was too mystical-even talking about the voices that let him know things-but the book was in real life. He had all the answers and provided just the right advice at the exact right time to keep Liam on the right track. Like an archetypal mentor to the extreme.

Wolfe was a good villain, motivated by money and power as usual. Hmm. Liam’s my favorite, and probably John (forget his last name), the Trooper commander person. Moses or Laura is my least favorite because of lack of depth, in my opinion.


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