Iron Angel

I read the version on the left. 493 pages. Iron Angel is the sequel to Scar Night by Alan Campbell. I first read Scar Night because I was browsing the sci-fi section of the library and it stood out. It’s cover is light blue and black-not common colors in the sci-fi section. So, I grabbed it, made sure it wasn’t a sequel, and took it home, without reading the back. I do that kinda often. If it looks good, I’ll check it out, regardless of what it may be about. Often, books I wouldn’t normally read turn out to be really good.

Anyway, Scar Night was good. It was complicated and dark, but not bad. The main characters were Rachel Hael, a failed assassin, Dill, an angel, and Carnival, another angel who ends up killing the god of death and drinking his blood. A really important thing to remember in these books is that blood contains the soul.

Iron Angel is in three parts. Part One dealt with Rachel and her companion, Trench, and a mysterious person named John Anchor and his companion, a cutthroat. Part Two dealt with Dill, the god Hasp, the thaumaturge Mina Green, and the currently dead girl Alice Harper. Part Three has some Dill, a lot of Harper and Hasp, a bit of Mina and Rachel, and hardly any of the cutthroat or Anchor.

It was totally confusing. Almost the entire time. About 2/3 of the way through, I realized there was another book after it (God of Clocks) and I stopped waiting for the plot to resolve. I enjoyed it, yeah, but it felt like I was missing something. A whole new situation came up that wasn’t even hinted at (well, no, it was very obliquely hinted at once) in Scar Night. Dill was dull, the endless blood was tiring, and several happenings were extremely convenient. The most ridiculous part of the book was in Part 3 when several people each claiming to be the White Sword (the best sword fighter in the land) killed each other. And then, they were all working for one side or the other. It made me think of the Power Rangers for some reason.

Favorite character: John Anchor. He’s just cool. No clue what his story might be though. Least favorite: Dill. He’s just so useless. Actually, I really liked Hasp too. He was pretty awesome. I liked Jones also, because he seemed useful and capable.

It ended on a cliffhanger, and reviews say the next book is better, so I’ll try it. I’m not sure if I recommend Iron Angel, but I definitely recommend Scar Night.


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