River Marked

River Marked by Patricia Briggs came out yesterday. I passed it on the the next person on the reading list this morning. I didn’t sleep much last night. This is probably going to be sporadic and unhelpful.  So, don’t read this if you don’t want to know, because I’ll probably spoil some stuff. 336 pages hardback. 27$ from B&N.

River Marked River Marked

Okay, so River Marked is the 6th book in the Mercy Thompson series. I don’t think the series has a real name, just the Mercy Thompson books. There are two other books and a short story set in the same universe with some minor characters being the main characters. At the end of book the fifth, Silver Borne,  Mercy is rescued from being imprisoned by the evil Fae. Her and Adam…cement the mate bond and she moves in with him. Which is great, because her trailer burned down and the replacement is occupied by Jesse’s Gabriel. Anyway, River Marked begins with Adam and Mercy going to go be married soon. Actually, a lot of stuff about Stefan, her vampire friend, is revealed, that relates to events of the previous books. Basically, he’s being really emotional. To cheer him up, Mercy takes him to Warren and Kyle’s house for movies. Warren is my absolute favorite character. He’s an awesome gay, cowboy, werewolf guy. Kyle is his completely normal boyfriend. Other than this one scene, however, Warren and Stefan are in the story very little. This surprised me because I felt that a lot of possible plot lines were started-Stefan’s whole issue, the idea of there being an impossibly old super-evil-even-by-vampire-standards vampires in Europe (probably) somewhere. Another plot line not followed was of Samuel and Arianna, his new-found, long-lost love. Even in the 5th book, the relationship seemed forced. Not see each other for hundreds of years and now, completely in love. Arianna’s name was mentioned ONCE in the entire 6th book. Surely not that much time passed between the 5th and 6th. A couple months?

Mainly, the story follows Adam and Mercy on their honeymoon. So, yeah, there’s sex. It’s not graphic. Nudity? Tons. Like, the entire book, one or the other of them is nude. Or soaking wet. Language is mild, though once Adam nearly says the F-word. That scene was funny.

Off topic. Okay-the ‘villain’ if you can call it that is rather nice. One of the good things about non-human evil beings is that you don’t have to worry so much about motivation. It’s evil because it is evil. That’s how it works. Least favorite character is Wolf. He’s just obnoxious. And he causes problems. I hate people like that.

Overall-great book. Extremely funny. The very, very end made me almost cry. Oh, another thing. My other absolute favorite character, Bran, wasn’t in it much. This made me sad. But, really good plot. It answered a lot of questions about Mercy’s past and her heritage (Blackfeet, not Blackfoot).

I’m gonna go sleep now. And not read books so quickly like that again.


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